Is it Safe to Sell Girl Scout Cookies Door to Door?

Girl Scouts are cute girls getting ready to change the world, armed with their knowledge of special knots and coding. But at the end of the day, they’re just kids. … More

Valentines Day Nails: 14 Haute Designs

These Valentine’s Day nails designs are so haute, haute, haute! They range from the traditional pinks, red and silvers tricked out in hearts to non-traditional colors of black, white, chocolate and in themes of candy, heartbeat signs, word art and a ton more. Seriously ladies, make ‘em swoon this Valentine’s Day!

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Valentine’s Day Nails: 14 Haute Designs… More

10 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day may be a “Hallmark holiday” to some where you purchase expected gifts, but really offers tons of DIY opportunities for those who want to think outside of the little red box. … More

Purple Coats and Jackets: The New Black?

Purple coats and jackets are trending quite hard on the web right now, thus prompting me to wonder if the royal tone will be replacing black as the color of choice? The range of styles is just as varied as the shades that are found within the purple family. Lace trench coats are seeped in lavender, classic pea coats in grapes, swing jackets are color-blocked with purple and other jewel tones, silk duster jackets featured floral themed purple looks and your favorite fur lined parka gets edgy in violet. So take a gander and let us know, are…

Purple Coats and Jackets: The New Black?… More

Meet #NoireVIP: Amber Noble Garland Talks Being Fearless, Part 2

Truly a force to be reckoned with, serial entrepreneur Amber Noble-Garland has a provocative story to share about facing adversity, conquering dreams, and taking risks. In this intimate series of interviews, Mommynoire captures her the magnetic pulse and inspiring story…. More

Click! 5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Photography for Kids

My kids’ earliest memories of me must include my camera or iPhone. Documenting their childhood brings me joy like nothing else…. More

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are ready to wow that special someone – try these amazing and delicious dinner recipes…. More

Bullying Over My Little Pony Leads 11-Year-Old to Attempt Suicide

Two North Carolina parents are heartbroken as their 11-year-old son is in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt. … More

Hold Up, One Last Word…On Yoga and Racism

Last week, the internet practically blew up when a woman wrote an article on XO Jane about being disgusted and crying when a Black woman joined her yoga class. Needless to say, it caused a firestorm of responses ... More

Mommy Mashup: Strippers, Fast Cars & Smoke For Justin Bieber

Clearly, 2014 didn’t start off any better than 2013 ended for one artist…. More

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