Real Talk: What It’s Like Dating A Single Dad

We’re not afraid of commitment and are sharing our most prized possession with you so if you get close to the child, more than likely you’re working towards something long-term whether you realize it or not. Hear more on dating a single dad inside…. More

Beach Babes: 13 Beyonce and Blue Ivy Beach Bumming Flicks

Beyonce and Blue Ivy love kicking at the beach; take a quick peek at some of their most intimate and stylish moments in, on and around the water. … More

The Other Side Of Pain: Letting Go Of Anger

When your relationship dissolves, how do you start letting go of anger for the betterment yourself…and your child?… More

#WCW: 15 Life-Affirming Flicks of Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith wears many hats from trendy A-lister to celeb mom. Flick through haute style looks, warm mom moments and beach goddess on the go! … More

To Discipline Or Not: Are You Limiting Your Child’s Personality?

Messy Table? Too many questions? Mismatched clothes?… Do you give you children enough space to be children? See how one mom walks the tightrope and plans to get even better at helping her little one shine and how you can too!… More

Willow Smith: 11 Fly InstaBeauty Moments

These snazzy Willow Smith instabeauty pics showcases this young starlet’s unique style and flavor. Dip through funky haircuts and gorgeous skin via selfies!… More

The One Time It’s Okay to Settle When Looking for Love

Looking for love? It may be time for you to settle…for now…. More

Working Mom: Redefining What It Means To Be A Career-Loving Mother

So I admit it, I have working mom issues! On the one hand, I am fortunate enough to have an amazing career that has allowed me to not only develop professionally, but also personally. However, I still have issues! … More

Ciara Nails: 12 Flicks of Fab Nail Designs To Steal

These flicks of haute Ciara’s nails designs include fab looks for weddings, bold looks for parties or chic looks for work!… More

Creating Your Brand Team: Who Is Your Hype Man?

As you prepare your brand, think about creating your brand team: Who will push you to fly like a butterfly and soar?… More

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