Tanvier Peart Baby Shower. Photo courtesy of Tanvier Peart, All Rights Reserved

Why I Chose to Host My Own Baby Shower

I know there are some readers out there who are giving me the “mmm hmm” and side eye after reading this title, but just hear me out, okay? … More

Say What??? Man Kills Girlfriend’s Baby for Crying During Football Game

A 22-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder for killing his girlfriend’s baby, who he was watching while she was running errands. He killed him because he was, well, being a baby and crying. … More

Coconut-Almond French Toast Casserole from the FoodNetwork.com

Wake up to a gorgeous breakfast on Christmas morning. Just prepare the French toast at night and pop in the oven. The bread needs time to soak up the delicious custard but doesn’t come out soggy. From Food Network…. More

Friday Night Bites: Turkey Scaloppine

Dinner gets done fast with this five-ingredient meal. You can easily substitute chicken cutlets for turkey, and pair with sauteed zucchini for a fast, healthy meal…. More

“Gangsta Claus” Play Has Parents Mad

The students put on a play called “Billy Shakespeare’s Christmas Extravaganza and Traveling Freak Show” which has a vignette dedicated to a character called Gangsta Claus that shoots up a Walmart and himself gets shot…. More

Mom Says Her Biracial Child Will Have a Black Santa

Recently, Megyn Kelly made a lot of people upset when she went on her FOX News show to dismiss the possibility of a black Santa Claus. The discussion was in response to a Slate article ... More

Lace Up Rain Boots: Ready For The Rain and the Runway

As Mother Nature goes into ‘beast mode’ there’s still a way to retain your personal sense of style and still deal with the elements. This year the lace-up rain boot offer the best of both of both worlds — style and function! Step into floral prints, neon trims, wedge heels, fur lining and animal prints. … More

Why Your Pregnancy Weight Gain May Need to Be Higher

But doctors are worried that some women aren’t gaining enough weight–and that can be bad for baby. In fact, a new study from the University of Maryland School of Maryland found that women who don’t gain enough weight during their pregnancy are at a high risk of losing their baby in the first year of life…. More

Mailman Saves Twin Babies from Burning Building

It’s horrible this family lost their things so close to Christmas but thank goodness this mailman was walking by when he was. The man was able to bring the twin babies out of the burning building while their parents got themselves and a 6-year-old nephew out. T… More

Baby Shower Favor Ideas: 13 Easy, Creative Pieces

Coming up with cool and impressive baby shower favor ideas can be quite the daunting task, especially if you’re trying to keep it simple. Today’s post features a range of swoon-worthy and quite creative baby shower favors including chocolate filed labeled jars, crystal baby carriages, seeds of love art-deco planters (love that!) and a personalized hot sauce bottle! Ha!

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas: 12 Easy, But Effective Pieces… More