Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Visit Macy's South Coast Plaza

Jessica Simpson: Another Celebrity Baby Loss Blurb!

Another celebrity weight loss success story…oh what it must be like to have millions thrown to lose weight quick, fast and in a hurry! Congrats Jessica Simpson, you do look great! … More

Congrats! Tamera Mowry-Housely and Hubby Welcome A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Tamera Mowry-Housely and Hubby Welcome A Bouncing Baby Boy! Read more…… More

Subtle Changes, Better Health

Kids with high blood pressure?  When I was growing up you never heard the words “kids” and “high blood pressure” in the same sentence.  But just a month ago, the Centers for Disease Control released findings that show that American children eat as much salt as adults – about 1,000 milligrams too much!*  Of course this salt intake has been linked to high blood pressure in children.  Unfortunately, high blood pressure, obesity diabetes and a whole host of other issues continue to plague African American adults and children at a rate higher than the general population.  So how can a mom encourage her children to be healthier without launching World War IV over a box of chicken nuggets?… More

When Mean Girls Play: Facing Peer Pressure Early

I remember so clearly the teen years.  The epitome of being “fly” was having the latest hairstyle and clothes – just like my friends.  Individuality was not the hot thing.  It was all about blending in.  Now that I’m wiser, I realize that the feeling of wanting to fit in and conform was what is known today as “peer pressure.”  So I was more than ready to face this parenting battle in about 8-10 years when my 5 year old hit the teen years…. More

Spinach and Tomato Pasta Salad

In the mood for a cool pasta salad that can be served warm or cold? Try making Spinach and Tomato Pasta salad which is built with its own healthy portion of vegetables! Recipe courtesy of

Four More Years – Barack is Back

A much deserved congratulations goes out to POTUS and FLOTUS for pulling off a landslide win for yet another historical presidential election. … More

Flirting With Disaster: Motherhood, Men and Mayhem

He smiled. I frowned. He licked his lips suggestively and winked. I flashed my wedding ring, rolled my eyes and walked away – with my daughter in tow…. More

Developmental Milestones Month 13-24: Know Whether or Not Your Child is On Track

As a mother of a special needs child, I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the developmental milestones for children. These milestones serve as guidelines for your child’s development and are an important indication of whether or not your child is on track developmentally. … More

Too Bad: Voice of Elmo – Busted for Sex with an Underage Boy?

First the former Governor of Massachusetts – Mitt Romney attacked PBS and Big Bird, now Elmo is in the news, well at least the man behind the voice is – Kevin Clash? According to gossip site — read more…… More

Girl, Mind Your Own Business!

Too tight jeans and a peek-a-boo blouse that might as well have said “Hello, gentlemen of the world!Please look at my cleavage!”  That’s what my friend’s teen daughter was wearing.  A whole hot under-aged mess ... More