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Amber Rose’s Post-Baby Body Looks Amazing–And Her Positive Message is Great, Too

I don't care about Amber Rose's stripper past; she's a gorgeous woman who seems to really have come into her own as a mother. In February of this year, she and now-husband Wiz Khalifa welcomed ... More

Here We Go Again: Teacher In Trouble for Saying Santa Is White

First, a FOX News personality says Santa is white because Jesus is white and now a New Mexico high school teacher is in trouble after telling a black student he couldn’t dress as Santa Claus because, again, Santa Claus is white…. More

Beyonce and Blue Ivy: 13 Mother-Daughter Moments

With her surprise album set to hit over 500k in sales in less than one day, I think it’s time we all give it up for Beyonce! And since she featured her baby girl Blue on the self-titled track video, we’d like to take a minute today to look at some of their most intimate mother-daughter moments over the past year. Enjoy!

I’m Not Going to Spend a Lot this Christmas

My kids have been pretty good this year and a result I’m going to spend a lot less money on Christmas this year. I know what you may be thinking; most parents spend more money ... More

Shooter in Arapahoe School Shooting Wanted Revenge for Losing Spot on Debate Team

The shooter, Karl Pierson, was a senior who had been seen reading the popular 1971 bomb manual “The Anarchist Cookbook” since his sophomore year. But the real reason he went to school with the plan to shoot the school librarian is because she’d removed him from the debate team…. More

Helping My Daughter Find a Man as Good as Her Dad

I was walking into my nephew’s school pick him up the other day. Cydney, my 2-year-old daughter was holding onto me tightly by snuggling her face into my neck when Mike, one of the custodians at the school stopped me to have a conversation…. More

Not Your Grandma’s Scones

Make a batch of this protein-rich scone recipe and munch on them all week long. … More

Stylish Lunchboxes

Summer is nearly over. Whether you are sending your kid off to the first day of kindergarten or onto their last year of middle school, check out or favorite lunchboxes that might just get them excited to eat a home-cooked meal from mom…. More

Abiola’s Love Class: Alexyss K. Tylor on Loving Your Child In Jail

Alexyss K. Tylor is known for being a “Vagina Power!” shouting YouTube star. Her brazen personality and NSFW content have many women affirming, “Yes, thank you!” and leave a few others scratching their heads. … More

13 Funky New Years Eve Tops for the Stylish Mom

Get a head start on your outfit. Hosting a New Year's Eve party or looking to attend one? Kick off 2014 in style with these funky New Years Eve tops. Trendy and so stylish for ... More