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Why I Didn’t Date Until My Daughter’s First Birthday

I remember it like it was yesterday. One Super Bowl Sunday, I called my long-term boyfriend (and baby-to-be’s father) and asked if we were still attending a friend’s football party. … More

Here I Come!: 9 Adorable Bikes For Toddlers

If your tot can walk, she can ride like their big sibs with these fun push bikes and tricycles…. More

Digital Parenting: “Text Me When Dinner is Ready!”

I recently read somewhere that more people have access to a cell phone than those who have access to working toilets. That means of the 7 billion people on the planet, 6 billion of them have access to cell phones…. More

13 of Tika Sumpter’s Hottest Red Carpet Looks

Tika Sumpter will star in Tyler Perry's orginial series The Haves and the Have Nots on the OWN network premiering on May 28, 2013. We love Tika, in fact, we love her so much, we've ... More

Party Season Is In Full Swing: Spring Birthday Party Ideas

Party season is upon us. If you're fortunate enough to host a birthday party during this glorious time of the year you're in luck. There are tons of creative ideas for spring birthday parties. Here ... More

Pieces of a Man: The 5 Benefits Of Ratchet Rap

I’m not a medical doctor and, if I was, I would certainly be disbarred for the following thoughts…. More

Study Suggests New Dads Feel…Sexy?

Becoming a parent changes a lot for couples, but a new study suggests one of the good changes it brings is dads feeling sexy. … More

Study Says Today’s Kids Really Are Lazy and Greedy

It’s common for each generation of parents to look at their kinds and wonder, “We weren’t that bad at that age, were we?” A research team at San Diego State University set out to look into that question and found no, we weren’t actually that bad. … More

Strong Families’ Mama’s Day Our Way eCard Campaign

Looking for the perfect greeting card for Mother’s Day can be difficult. Fingering through dull and boring pre-made messages that don’t accurately express your sentiments can be disheartening and rather frustrating. So out of desperation (unless you create your own) you settle for what’s on the drug store shelve and select what fits best. It has become rather tradition to just settle, but Strong Families (a national initiative) has launched a Mama’s Day Our Way eCard Campaign today (May 2.) to change the idea of mediocrity when it comes to expressing love and appreciation for mothers and families…. More

Mother’s Day Give-Away: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

For Mother’s Day, Mommynoire + Samsung will give one lucky mom the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Note II. … More