Heather Hopson

Kids are angels from heaven. It is the responsibility of the parents to be with them to love, to care and to guide them through all walks of life. Spending quality time with kids is important for their mental growth, to deepen the relationship and to create memories. The feeling of being loved gives a secure feeling to the kids. Stay at home parent have a lot of time to spend with the children which are not the case with the working moms. Still, keeping the mental health of the children in mind, it is vital to plan and schedule a dedicated time for the kids.

  • Every morning, spare just 10 minutes to talk with your kids about their plans for the day. After they return from the school, ask how their day was and what did they go through for the day. It is also important to discuss your day with your children.
  • It is a great idea to do stretches together in the morning. Include them in the process of making food. Always make sure that you have breakfast and dinner together. Discuss with your kids before planning the meal.
  • Sneak in some quality time before hitting the bed. Narrate bedtime stories, cuddle them and kiss them to sleep. Physical touch is extremely important for children to feel loved and happy. When kids grow older, they want to be more independent and no longer needs your company while sleeping. In such circumstances, go for a short walk for 10-15 minutes with the kids before bed.
  • Play games together as a family. It improves the quality of the conversation between you and your children.
  • Think about the last time you and your kids giggle together? Took selfie together? Selfies are funny and addictive too! Capture all the happy moments and go through the pictures together.
  • Gifting is one way of expressing love. Don’t miss the chances to gift your lovely kids, their favorite stuff. The price doesn’t matter here, love speaks.
  • Mommies who work from home performing freelancing, tutoring, trading via Crypto Code can involve their children and can seek small suggestions and creative ideas from their teenager. It sets up the platform for healthy interactions.
  • During the mid-season holidays, fly to different places and do a lot of adventures with your kids. Time flies, whereas memories stay in our hearts forever. Make such lovely memories with your kids.