Born in  St. Vincent, Seales is best known for his role on the hit comedy series Silver Spoons. On the show, he played Dexter Stuffins, a business manager and family friend. He also appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Taming of the Shrew. The actor died from complications due to AIDS on May 14, 1990, at his family’s home in Brooklyn, New York. He was only 37.

Similarly, many famous celebrities have lost their lives due to AIDS which is not only sexually transmitted disease but also transferred through blood transfusion, when any infected individual with HIV virus donates his blood.  Generally, it is difficult to find out the result whether the individual is infected with HIV virus or not since it remains inactive for about three months in the infected individual and become active only thereafter.

Though there many tests available to test the presence of this HIV virus, it can be found only in the active form and many pieces of research are under the way to find in the inactive form too.   When any people who are infected with AIDS, loses his immune power which leads to favourable microorganisms which are to be a normal flora on our body also causes certain diseases and infections which leads to severe consequences.  Thus when people have AIDS, the HIV virus actually suppress the immune system of the affected individual and becomes a basis for other microorganisms to enter the body and causes various diseases.

You have heard many people including celebrities who are infected with HIV virus and lost their lives and if you want to know more about the celebrities who lost their lives continue reading this passage;

  • Arthur Ashe one of the players of an African-American tennis player who has got the chance of playing Davis Cup and he has won many games and titles in tennis. He got the disease through a blood transfusion during his heart surgery and got infected.  He was the founder of the Arthur Ashe Foundation for AIDS.
  • Gia Carangi one of the supermodels who lost her life early at the age of 26 due to AIDS, got the infection due to drugs injection.
  • Elizabeth Glaser one of the leading activists against AIDS who got the infection through a blood transfusion when she delivered a girl baby and lost her life too due to AIDS. After her delivery, her daughter also got an infection and died due to AIDS.  Even her son got his infection in the uterus and lost his lives.  She was the founder of the Elizabeth Glaser AIDS foundation.
  • Pedro Zamora also lost his lives due to AIDS and he was one of the famous television celebrities at that time of his death.
  • Ryan White was also got the disease through blood transfusion and he was humiliated by the peers and adults, even at the school and his parents were one of the reasons behind creating awareness against the disease to others and they did so because of their son mistreatment.