KarrineSteffans is most known for her nickname: Superhead, after blowing the whistle on men in the industry in her debut book: Confessions of a Video Vixen, which became a best seller that garnered her an interview on Oprah. After Confessions, she went on to write 3 more books: The Vixen Diaries, The Vixen Manual and SatisFaction. She just released a new book: Drink F#$@ Sleep, a collection of essays featuring other women and their stories of how alcohol influenced their sexual escapades.
Karrine is open about her sex life, but one thing we never get to hear her speak of is her son, and just the mention of his presence brings tears to her eyes.

Parenthood transforms a person to a great extent when you become more responsible to teach and give them the best possible values until they reach their adolescence. For celebrity moms, the phase of upbringing their kids in a normal manner, without the glitz and camera is more challenging as there is always the pair of media eyes watching to rip you apart and gain publicity. For an American author and multi-selling rap artist Karrine Steffens aka superhead who has featured as a video vixen, it is the most overwhelming duty to up bring her protected child without exposing him to the world that has its own not so great opinion about his super mom.

As an artist, you can have both the good and the bad within yourself and the world is out to constantly judge your work and your personality just a click away, but as a mother, she proclaims to give a well-nurtured and protected childhood for her kid who will probably get to know things about his mother later. There are enough Resources to damage her son’s trust, yet Karrine when she talks to her son about relationships that matter a lot for our children and family in the long term. Nesting them till they grow up and then letting them accept the way they will face the world is important.

Being open about your personal life is acceptable to an extent that they do not backfire int your relationships. Though there are thousands of questions that would be hurdled on her son as he is out in the public eye about how his mother was slut-shamed and called a super head, to have a troubled and abusive childhood and also get into unorthodox relationships to grow in the music industry.

“I tell him I want him to treat every woman as if she were his mother, no matter who she is, and you have to treat her as if she has been hurt because she probably has”.