After news of the horrendous Krim tragedy made it’s way through social media there was a lot of public question asking and soul-searching.

Expressing your views on social media and blogging is the new way to vent out your feelings, thoughts, and opinion on different matters under the sun. Earlier it used to be a gossip over the phone or a bunch of women hushing up at the kitty parties. Well, all that is so over; we have the social media at your disposal to blog and give expert views or just brag about your kid’s amazing drawing skills and table manners. Everyone has someplace online to express and give comments about the most trivial issue for the entire world, yet it is important to them.

You bought the latest shade of the lipstick form a popular brand; you have to publicize your pouted lip in your social media. Privacy has become a thing of past, blogs were initially meant to give honest reviews about healthier topics on beauty, travel, motherhood. Sharing important reviews and tips even relating to careers, hop over to here if you still feel that way, things have changed as we stepped into the digital boom, where everything from lingerie to your personalized chats is over shared and has become a money-spinning free to grab write up’s.

The mommy blogs are becoming a full-time job for many who sit through the entire day to check, update and comment about even a small pin moved by their kids, narcissistic to the core. Flaunting their latest look may sound overboard, yet it could be the happiest moment to have dressed up after months of deprived sleep after childbirth. Freedom of expression varies, those moments to cherish to have presented themselves of what they always wanted to be, yet in reality, they are unable to should not be tagged as unrealistic and narcissist. Choosing to share happy moments has to be set aside from preserving their choicest memories online, that is available for the entire world to comment upon.

It’s impossible to comprehend senseless violence but when there are children involved people want answers. I read comments and speculation ranging from ridiculous, women shouldn’t work because our kids can’t be trusted with anyone but their parents, to outright mean, clearly something was wrong in this narcissistic woman’s life because she chose to blog about her seemingly perfect existence and portrayed an unrealistic lifestyle.