After the birth of my second child I turned into the mother I said I would never be. I’m the frumpy mom you see doing the zombie walk wearing cream cheese smeared yoga pants.

Changing from the usual fretting and frowning needs a lot of self-motivation especially for stay at home moms, who tirelessly do all the work without complaining and mostly forget about how beautiful are they without even a speck of makeup. Times are changing; the benefits of being a parent at home are innumerable, the most satisfying feeling to see your kids grow up every day, you sing, dance, smile and cry along with them, these are simple joys of life that cannot be replaced or rewind.

With all the goodies comes the not so great stuff, you are late to get up in the morning, and become frumpy housewife by the time you get the kids ready and pack them off to school, in your pajamas, time and sleep become the most luxurious goal for otherwise cheerful mommy. Go shopping, and that works wonders, better said than done, we have everything available at your doorstep today, shop online, get ready and just go for a walk or drive around the nearest mall to get to know what is happening around the world beyond the kids and your family.

Splurge on yourself occasionally, have me time strictly s it brings back the smile, the confidence to conquer the rest of the week with ease and be the supermom, and the best partner at night for your husband. Make a habit to read the news or click this link here now for the latest trends in the fashion industry and buy your favorite lipstick wear them and make the world go bonkers on the beautiful you, inside out, it keeps you engaged, kids happy and chance to meet new people and make friends. The feeling of rediscovering the new you is both exhilarating and wonderful to get back the fire in you.

I spent most of my days alone with two toddlers. I had no one to impress. Comfort beat out vanity every time.
Living in student housing didn’t help. Amongst harried graduate students and their overworked spouses I blended into the woefully frumpily dressed masses seamlessly. It was great. After spending most of my life concerned with my appearance it was a welcome break. I took my break from business casual seriously. Too seriously.