When Does Baby Fever End

The intoxicating scent. Tiny fingers and toes. Non Stop snuggling. Do you ever reminisce about your pregnancies or the early days with your babies?

The emotional well being of people is the most important wealth that a person seeks. Wealthy people may have everything at their feet, yet the happiness and the joy that a person who has nothing is in comparison. Just as the newly wedded couple feels the urge to become parents soon and the happiness and urge to make babies are overwhelming and an emotional journey. The biological clock of women function in a manner that triggers the baby making process to work on them, with age catching up, and the chances of getting pregnant become less the baby fever catches up.

The amazing feeling of a couple becoming a parent is the most endearing and out of the world experience that only they can feel, it is like sky-high feeling, taking time to sink in. Women tend to rate the baby more than anything else than men who thought sex was the most important than having a baby. The reason could be many and there could be the difference in opinion, the larger group chooses the baby fever over anything else, and women are accultured to have babies makes them crave for one at least once in their lifetime; it is all about the magic.

Financial stability and the maturity to handle kids are prioritized today, there is plenty of blog link to help women to understand pregnancy-related issues, parenting, childbirth, it is everywhere you look around, making the feeling to be a second-time mom and crave for babies more evident. Women by default have the instinct to nurture and be the caregiver, and hence the strong desire to bear a child becomes more evident.

I don’t often but every once in awhile I think about how nice it would be to add one or two more little babies to our family. I also miss my luxurious pregnancy hair and skin and guilt free pregnancy gorging. Ahh the good old days.
I can’t seem to make up my mind over whether we are done having kids. I’m 99% sure this is it. Our two kids are fourteen months apart and it’s been a wild ride. We’ve gained about sixty pounds as a couple, have duffel bags under our eyes, and are just starting to taste the freedom that comes with our children’s increased independence. It tastes good. Sometimes