I spent most of my days alone with two toddlers. I had no one to impress. How to engage them in a useful way;

It is literally important for any parents to engage your toddler with any of the activity which will enable them to learn something new in their life either by doing some creative activity like drawing, painting etc. or by reading books, playing outside in the park etc.  Whatever the activity they are indulging in, it should be focussed on their holistic development in their life.

For any child, the growth and development may differ from one child to the other and each possesses some innate and unique talents inbound within them.  It is the duty of the parents to bring it out their talent with proper attention and care to improve their life skills.

Here are the few ways to engage your toddler in order to promote growth and development;

  • Creative art and craft activity can be used to engage your toddlers since they love to paint as well as doing some artistic work. When they learn the art and craft activity, it helps them to boost their imagination to a higher level so that you can find some changes in their performances with day to day learning.
  • Read books for them especially the story books which will help them to think about the images as well as the sequences of the story. It creates an interest in the minds of the toddlers to know and explore the story.  There are some other stories like moral stories which will help them to learn the moral values of life as well as they have the capacity to think and learn about doing the right things in the right way. If you have time, listen to their views and thoughts while reading many varieties of books which will help to carry the reading habit in the future too.
  • Take them out may be to the park or just a walk outside so that they can see how the outside environment apart from the home and also learn to see the birds, trees etc. and love to explore the outside world furthermore.
  • Make them listen to the music in the form of rhymes, which will help them to learn the vocabulary, also learn about animals, birds, colors and many other different concepts that are involved in life.
  • If you have time, try to spend some quality time with your toddler so that they can enjoy being with you and your family members and feel safe and secured while playing.
  • Always reward them for their performance or anything they have done it for the first time like drawing, scribbling, painting, reciting any new rhyme, when they finished a fantastic reading of a small storybook etc. so that they can feel happy when they were praised and rewarded for their work. It also helps to motivate them in a positive way of doing things.

Comfort beat out vanity every time.