The intoxicating scent.Tiny fingers and toes.Non Stop snuggling. Do you ever reminisce about your pregnancies or the early days with your babies?

When you think back of your early days of your babies, you literally enjoyed those moments that too when you became the mom for the first time.  You used to observe their growth and development daily thinking about their little features right from the glowing eyes to the little toes.  It’s been a great pleasure in watching the kids at the early stages of their life being a mother as well as fulfilling their needs.

You have enjoyed the words they started speaking for the first time like mama, papa, dada etc. which are so cute to hear especially the baby words were sweeter than anything else in the world.  Listening to their speech and enjoying the way they express their feeling are great feelings and of course, like me, most of the mom have enjoyed their little ones speaking with them.

In the same way, when you observe their emotions and feelings, they were cute to look and the way they show their emotions were awesome.  Have you ever enjoyed the time being spent with your little ones?  Yes, most of the moms have the answers in a positive way since they had the duty of being a mother for the first time and they are experiencing a new feeling which is really good to feel and there were no words to express it too.  When you ask most of the moms, they will break into tears which are the happiest moments for them to recollect the days being spent with their little ones.

The days the baby started walking, will be the unforgettable moments for their parents, since it is the day their child learned the important skill of balancing to walk with two legs instead of four.  When you keenly observe the movements of the child, it starts to crawl at first using both hands and legs followed by usual walking.  The crawling stage in which the baby learns the basic movements by moving their hands and legs in coordination and this activity can be influenced by either some attractive or things which your baby want to take it or pull it out.

Later as soon as becoming an expert in crawling, the baby starts trying the next adventure in his or her life by walking with support or without any support.  They mostly try to reach any of the objects which they want to explore.  Later they become expert in walking skills too. A cool way to improve their learning skills is being an important role of a mother and it is great to remember those memories of your baby.

I don’t often but every once in a while I think about how nice it would be to add one or two more little babies to our family.