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Entering the motherhood phase is somewhat like a twist in the story. Till now, you were free to take care of yourself and from this moment you have a brand-new member added to your family who needs to be watched for every second of the day. Further, you would be surprised to see the changes occurred to your body which is the result of the pregnancy period. It is definite that your body would have to face the hormonal changes to bring the new one into your life. Now, you would be struggling to get back to the normal and regular track. Here go the additional hints on how to care for your beauty.

Know about the effects of hormonal imbalance occurring in your body

The two main hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced during the reproductive period. These normally stay balanced till your delivery but after that, the levels begin to shift causing food cravings, acne problems, dry skin and even may lead you to postpartum depression.

How to deal with such health problems?

  • There are great chances that the excess oil production which is the only result of hormonal imbalance may clog your pore resulting in the development of acne or pimples. Sometimes hitting the drugstore products may leave you even worse as these take away more moisture from your face that might make it dry.

So, it is better to depend on natural things like drinking green tea. As it is rich in antioxidants, it helps in preventing cell damage and even resists inflammation caused to the skin. Further, it nourishes skin with vitamin E and B2.

  • Hair loss is another great problem caused by hormonal imbalance. Also, frequent hair washing tends to lose more hair and this can be effectively treated by applying natural coconut oil directly to the scalp. Always, make sure that it is applied only after lightly heating it up. This helps in locking the moisture with the hair making it strong from root to the tip. Along with this, you can also your natural herbal shampoos and conditioners like that of hibiscus that provides all the essential nutrients for luscious hair growth.
  • Dark circles are also common among the new moms which are mainly due to the lack of sleep. You can depend on caffeine rich green tea for effectively treating this issue. Moreover, the skin pigmentation occurring to the other parts of the body can be controlled by taking a regular dose of vitamin B tablets. However, ensure you clarify with the doctor before taking any of these products especially if you are a breastfeeding mom.