Being a parent is challenging enough, but being a single parent definitely has a steep learning curve.

Apart from the challenges faced during parenting, the solo dad always struggles with certain issues like

  • Making kids understand what really happened to their mother and why are we going through such a situation is a tough task. Further, for a single father, he needs to balance his job along with the household chores and make the ends meet.
  • Moreover, depending on a person for finding support is usually difficult for men as they represent the ones who provide support and not the ones who ask for it. Even they would not be freely willing to share their doubts regarding childcare to any of their friends and this, in fact, put them in trouble. One of the best solutions to this issue is either making a similar parent group and sharing the thoughts or for additional info better consider referring a childcare unit.
  • No time for looking after oneself. In the tide of parenting, one forgets to take care of himself especially if he is a single parent and stress is another accompanying feature. Some take medical help to deal with the situation while others spend time playing with kids and dogs that is the best technique to relieve all your tensions.
  • Whether to consider the advice from others like elderly people, relative or friends about raising kids. In reality, there is no shame in accepting the facts that you consider would work out for your kids. On the other hand, if your kids are not comfortable with the new plan, just let it go off your heads. It is not only the option that you definitely need to stick to their advice.

Mainly, concentrate on your kids’ health and be honest with their emotions so that you can rightly lead them whatever path you choose to take them. Ensure that you are doing your duty well because one day they would represent you as parents.

It is true that there exists no pain that fades away with time and so, there would be a day when all your ways of good parenting would balance everything. Be confident and go ahead to take the right opportunity to hug and treat your kids so that they gradually become adjusted to things.

For Fatman Scoop, being a celebrity single dad doesn’t make life any easier for him and his two kids