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13 Photos of Celebrities Rocking Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles are so much fun simply because they are both elegant and stylish. If you’re seeking a new look for spring, but aren’t digging any of the current trends (crazy colors, oversized afros, half-shaved heads, etc) then perhaps seek inspiration from the past. … More

Abiola’s Love Class: When the Angry Black Woman Is You!

“Ever since I learned there was something called a colored girl, an evil woman, a bitch or a nag, I’ve been trying not to be that. Leave bitterness in somebody else’s cup.” ~Ntozake Shange… More

Breakfast: Classic Hash Browns

During a stay in Las Vegas at the JW Marriott, I had the opportunity to enjoy their complimentary breakfast. Between the eggs, waffles, sausages, and pancakes, one thing stuck out – the hash browns. Upon returning, I made it my business to grab the recipe courtesy of! Try it out for yourself!… More

Jada Pinkett Smith: 13 Fashion-Forward Moments

Fierce doesn’t begin to describe Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith. From fly MILF to red carpet diva, to stylish urbanista, Jada’s style game is A-class…. More

Wardrobe 101: How To Work Pastels All Week

Get ready to see a tons pastels on the streets soon–if you haven’t already–it was all over the runways as one of the hottest trends of the season. … More

Abiola’s Love Class! Healing from Sexual Abuse and Reducing Stigmas with Sheena LaShay

Today, we are joined by courageous writer and talented artist Sheena LaShay to have a powerful conversation about healing…. More

15 ‘Interesting’ Pregnancy Announcement Photos

There are so many ways to capture your special time filled with your bump, but just in case you need a few ideas (and would like some laughs along the way) here are several pregnancy announcement photos that will…well, you’ll see. Click to it! … More

10 Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

I’m not really sure why celebrities think it’s okay to name their kids crazy names…perhaps because they figure the kids won’t have to get real jobs like the rest of us? Dunno, but it appears that Apple and Blue Ivy are pretty tame when you look at Puma, Mars, North West, Nakoa-Wolf (yup, Nakoa-Wolf) and Speckle Wildhorse. Nope. I am not making this up. How could I? In honor of all things filed under “Oh, only a celebrity!” here are 10 of the most crazy celebrity baby names. Alright go ahead and swig your energy drink and get to clicking!… More

19 Tress-Setting Mary J Blige Hairstyles

Very few pop stars can match the dynamic level of fabulousity and trigger has many style trends as the range of Mary J. Blige hairstyles that we’ve been lucky enough to witness over the past two decades. This award winning R&B diva has been pulling off dope looks season after season, hit jam after hit jam. She goes effortlessly from frosted bobs, to red bouncy curls, to Princess Leia influenced up-dos and round and round again. Get it Mary J.!

Bold Prints Trend 2014: 16 Hot Celebrity Looks

The bold prints trend of 2014 will continue as temps start to heat up and probably into the fall. From eye-catching stripes to bold blossoming florals to zany tribal prints, check out how celebs jump head first into this trend.